Exchange 2012


Exchange 2012 – “Making Demand Response & Smart Energy Demand a Commercial Reality”


Set in what has come to be known as Britain’s most beautiful castle, Exchange 2012 will be a truly international, exclusive, intimate and interactive event bringing together the world’s leading experts and high-level practitioners in the field of Demand Response and Smart Energy Demand. It will be a unique opportunity to share your knowledge and discuss the most important practical issues that you face with many of the industry’s finest.  A large proportion of the event will be round-table discussion and problem-solving based, allowing everyone to participate equally, raise their opinions and really make the difference. The rest of the event will creatively combine stimulating presentations, after dinner speeches and plenty of social interaction in what is a truly inspiring setting. With just 50 spaces available, this event will allow the kind of interaction that VaasaETT’s events have become renowned for: 

“this was an exceptionally valuable event in terms of the quality of the people and the interactions allowed for by the format. Looking forward to more like it!”
Scott McGaraghan, EnerNOC, USA


Why is the Exchange Method so Effective? – How it Works

Imagine 50 people, mostly leading experts from around the world brainstorming and sharing expertise together. Now imagine that those people are your friends (or feel like it), all with the same commitment to finding the best solutions to current problems, all with the desire to share and collaborate rather than compete. Now imagine being in a most beautiful and inspiring setting, in the peace and tranquility of an ancient English castle. This is what exchange is all about! But if you don’t believe us, just take a look at our testimonials.

Exchange 2012 will be VaasaETT’s best event yet. As with our past Exchange events it will comprise two key elements: Firstly, short, powerful and thought provoking presentations from leading international experts; Secondly, detailed interactive round-table problem solving discussions. Equal emphasis is given to presentations and discussions, and everyone is encouraged to play an equal role in the discussions. Because of this, the care with which we design and lead the discussions, and because almost all people who attend our events have extensive expertise to share, our discussions are of exceptional quality. In addition to the main presentations and discussion, we will even have short, after-dinner speeches and discussions over a whiskey in the wonderful Castle Library.

In our events, everyone gets to know everyone else. Not only do we want our attendees to learn a lot, but we also want them to build lasting relationships with other experts and like-minded people. Come to Exchange 2012 and build the knowledge and network to take you forwards!

Highly Practical Discussions

Detailed brainstorming discussion sessions will focus on a number of key questions including: 

  • How we must change market structure in order to move from a generation led to a demand and generation led market?
  • How to move effectively from pilots to profitable full-scale roll-outs? How to get customers to buy it and how to maximize revenue from it?
  • How to speed up the introduction and adoption of flexible demand (Demand Response) and flexible tariffs for the utility industry?
  • How to create a mass-market smart-home environment through key partner co-operation?
  • How can we take control of the future NOW? – THE PRACTICAL NEXT STEPS

Leading Edge Insight

Presentations for the global energy industries leading thinkers will additionally focus on state-of-art expertise relating to, for instance:

  • Modelling to predict revenue under different market structures and company strategies.
  • Making money from Commercial Demand Response and smart energy demand in the near-future energy markets
  • Innovative use of wholesale markets and the role and consequences of capacity markets
  • The very latest international best-practice experience relating to customer involvement
  • Australian, US and European Demand Response perspectives, experiences and visions

A few Reasons to Attend Exchange 2012:

  • Gain the very highest level expertise available
  • Establish strong relationships with leading experts and like-minded professionals
  • The informal and creative atmosphere and intensive nature of the roundtables will allow both presenters and audience to participate equally and highly effectively in discussions and problem solving, and ensure that the interests, expertise and concerns of all participants are considered and addressed.
  • The truly exclusive nature of the event, free from journalists, will allow participants to discuss openly and freely.
  • The fantastic location will allow outstanding inspiration. Combined with the social activities that will be planned, we aim to ensure that all delegates will also have great fun.
  • The small number of delegates will not only enhance the intimacy of the event but will also ensure that everyone at the event will get to know and all other delegates.
  • A limited number of wives, husbands and partners will also be welcome to the venue and accommodation. While not able to attend the event itself, we will provide them with fun group activities during the days and they may attend the first evening reception, the second evening banquet and all other evening entertainments, as well as breakfasts.
  • Our track record for events speaks for itself. Take a look at our testimonials (see below).


Organisations already Confirmed to Attend Exchange 2012 include:

Utilities: Energy Retailers Association of Australia, Dong, ENEL, Statkraft, EDF, Vattenfall, Bordgais, Electric Ireland;  Authorities: European Commission, ACER, E-Control (Austrian Energy Regulator);  Aggregators and Traders: Joule Assets, Cybergrid, EFT, GEO;  Others: University of Oxford, E-Meter Siemens, Alstom Grid, Honeywell, Intel, Oracle, Opower, Power Reply, There Corporation, Kisters, Boston Consulting, Poyry Consulting, Energy Pool, VaasaETT, Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC)


Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the experiences of others who have been to our events:“Thanks again for the superb conference engagement that you folk pulled off!” 

Mike Gordon, Founder, CPower, USA

“Congratulations on creating what I felt was a unique format that allowed real discussion and great opportunities to properly meet others working in the field. The group you assembled was both knowledgeable, authoritative and friendly. It worked really well and I would be pleased to take part in similar events in the future.”

Mathew Palmer, The Technology Partnership plc, UK

“thanks again for a great cutting-edge two-day conference about DR”

Alejandra González Ruiz, Union Fenosa-Gas Natural Soluciones, Spain

“It was a pleasure to be part of one of your events, as always. Lots of insights”

Ulrik Stribeak, Dong Energy, Denmark

“it was a very worthwhile two days, so well done on organising it.  You managed to pull together a very interesting group of experts.”

Philip Denmead, ESB, Ireland

“it was both a great pleasure and ‘intelectual’ opportunity to participate. Had a really great time in Copenhagen thanks to this VaasaEtt initiative”

Piotr Merkel, Advisor to the Board, ENERGA Obsługa i Sprzedaż Sp. z o.o. (Polish Utility)

“I’ve been to quite many conferences in my time but I have to say this was the best one. Competent audience and very good debates. Just the right number of participants that kept the whole event intimate enough.”


Organizations that attended our previous Exchange Events include:

Echelon, Union Fenosa (Utility), Red Electrica (Utility), Microsoft, EDF (Utility), Capgemini, Engage Consulting, SEAS-NVE (Utility), ENCT, ISA, Schneider Electric (USA), PLMA (USA), ERAA (Energy Retailer’s Association of Australia), Dong Energy (Utility), BC Hydro (Utility, Canada), Bord Gais (Utility), Tieto, Fortum (Utility), Enel (Utility),  ESB Networks (Utility), EON (Utility), Brightwell, KPX (Korea), Government of Korea, Kepco (Korea), Jozef Stefan Institute, Telrock, E-Meter (USA), Mavir, E-Control (Austrian Energy Market Regulator), TNO, TTP, Delta Energy and Environment, CRE (French Energy Market Regulator), ABB, BI School of Management, Energa (Utility), BPL Global, C-Powered (USA), DanskEnergi, Digi International, Cleantech Circle, EFT, ENBW (Utility). Energa Obrot SA (Utility), Energi Midt (Utility), Entelios (Utility), Fortum Distribution (Utility), GDF Suez (Utility), Inea, K.U.Leuven – Esat, Kiwi Powered, Logica TI, Narvik Institute of Technology, N-Power (Utility), ONZO, Panasonic (Japan), PSE-Operator (TSO), Royal Institute of Technology, SAP, Siemens, Statkraft (Utility), Sweco Energuide AB, Tendril Inc., (USA), The Technology Partnership, There Corporation, Yello Strom (Utility)

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